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Monday, February 17, 2014

During my free time I've...

Hello world,

I am coming out of my cave to tell you what I've been doing while taking a break from my novel I just finished.

My life is still eat, breathe, sleep writing. I've been honing my craft by reading some writing books and then practicing the techniques I'm reading about. The Power of Point of View by Alicia Rasley has been an enjoyable read so far. It's brought ideas to my own writing that I've been playing around with. I never realized how much fun it can be to play with the point of view.

I'm also reading Conflict & Suspense by James Scott Bell, which has also been an eye-opener so far. While writing my novel I read a little bit, but now that I have even more free time I love learning new techniques that can only make my writing stronger. I can't wait to go back to my novel and include these ideas into my story's world.

While writing my novel, my Writer's Digest magazines piled up, so I'm also catching up on all their great advice. I've written a couple short stories that I plan on perfecting and maybe enter into writing contests.

When I'm not writing or reading about writing, I'm entering other people's worlds and characters. It's a great escape from my own mind.

What do you do during your writing free time? Any other books that I should read about writing?

Until next time, I hope you find joy in your writing!