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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Balance in life and writing

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and a great NaNo. I did not participate this year, but I have been writing. I'm in the middle of an internship where I write, so it's been difficult finding time to write for myself. I finally feel like I've found a balance.

Balance in life is very important. Those with family know how hard it is to find time to write between taking care of kids and working. Most of us have to arrange writing around our schedule. At times I felt like I had split-personality disorder between writing journalism and then creatively writing for myself. Sometimes I still get that feeling, but it's getting better.

My dream is to become a published author. In order for that to happen I have to finish my own work, which is why even if I don't feel like writing anymore I force myself to write at least one sentence for my own work. Usually that turns into more than one sentence, but every little bit counts, right?

How do you find the balance in your busy life?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Banned Book Week!

Hey everyone in case you didn't already know it's Banned Book Week. Here's a post on real reasons people wanted these books banned. You won't believe some of them because they're so ridiculous. So in honor of Banned Book Week I'm asking you to go out and read a banned book.

Some of my favorites include Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. What's your favorite banned book?

Here's another site for your viewing pleasure on what authors have to say about censorship.

Until next time I hope you find joy reading your banned book!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11: Twelve years later and a moment of silence

It’s hard to believe it has been twelve years since the day I sat in class fearing for the fate of my country and its people. That day is still fresh in my mind. I was sitting in study hall when someone came running in the room, talking about our nation being under attack.

Turning on the news, it was like watching a movie. Only the fear and grief were all too real. Thousands of men and women lost their lives that day. Many families forever changed. Twelve years later many Americans go about their day as if nothing happened. I would like to take a minute of silence for all the police officers and firefighters who lost their lives that day to protect ours and for all of the troops who continue to fight for our freedom. We must let them know that they are not forgotten.

And since this is a writing blog, remember to treat every day as a gift. It can all be taken away in an instant. Look deep down into yourself and remember why you want to be a writer or why you love to write.

Until next time I hope you find joy in your writing!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Who will your characters turn out to be?

When I begin writing, I have an idea of who my character is going to be. But you can't predict how a child is going to grow up and sometimes my characters surprise me who they become. I started writing one of my characters thinking she'd be nice and help my main character. It appears she's taken on a life of her own and has other plans. As I continue to write this character in the story, the more she hinders my main character.

So far it's not a bad change, just not what I was expecting. I could go back and try to make her be the person I want her to be, but I think it's better if I let my characters grow into their own. Have you ever had this happen to you?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's your writing environment?

I haven't posted anything in a while because I was in the process of moving across the country. I'm now back home with my family where I belong. Now that the move is over it's time to get back to working on my novel again...I hope I can find everything.

Moving is like Christmas morning. If you don't label your boxes, like me, then every box you open is a surprise. It's kind of the same if you are a "panster." Every sentence you write can be a surprise. But this post is more about the writing environment. At this moment I'm having problems writing this post due to a tv, screaming baby, and people talking around me. Not the best environment for concentrating on your writing.

How many of you have an ideal writing place? A lot of people I know go to coffee shops and write there, but I am one of those people who need a door to close to tune everything out. When that door closes, my mind automatically knows it's time to get down to business.

Well I have an almost-one-year-old fighting for my attention, so until next time I hope you find joy in your writing!

Friday, May 31, 2013

New Orleans and other misadventures

I haven't written a blog post in a couple of weeks because I took a vacation to New Orleans to see one of my friends graduate from Tulane. I have never been to New Orleans or Louisiana, so everything was new and exciting for me. I tried crawfish for the first time and ate more seafood in a week than I have my entire life. I walked the French Quarter, ate at Cafe du Monde.

Her graduation took place inside the Superdome where the Dalai Lama spoke about hope and global oneness. I can't tell you what I'm writing about yet, but let's just say it felt like he was speaking directly to me at times.

I didn't write the week I was away. I wanted to be present in the moments with my friends. While there we went on a Swamp tour, which was a lot of fun. Below is a picture of the swamp in all its beauty.

The flight back was a little scary. My three-hour layover became a four-hour layover. They finally put us on the plane and because of the storms out east all the planes were flying west. We sat on the plane on the tarmac for two hours and during that time two storms rolled through. I took a picture during one of the storms. It looks like we're sitting in the middle of a river.

But I made it back safely just in time to catch a bad cold. My writing is progressing. I wrote over 2,000 words yesterday. I am now on page 80. I have a little over a month before I make a big move, so we'll see how much writing I get completed before then. If I don't lose my mind in all the craziness. How much writing have you accomplished lately? Or have you taken any summer trips yet?

For your viewing pleasure I've included one more picture of the French Quarter.

         Until next time I hope you find joy in your writing!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random trips to the desert and writing progress

In case you haven't heard the Lyrid Meteor shower went on this weekend. As a person who has never seen one of these events, I felt it necessary to experience this phenomenon. So what started out as a quiet evening in bed, ended up being a random half hour drive to the middle of nowhere at midnight.

If you've ever found yourself on a dark, deserted road in the middle of the night, then you know how quickly your mind wanders to monsters and murderers hiding out just waiting to get you. You jump at every little sound. When a car drives by that late at night you think they're up to no good. My friend and I blame it on watching too much Walking Dead.

But in-between those moments of fear are moments of peace. Staring up at the night sky and realizing how small we truly are to everything. I only saw four meteors, but I jumped with glee like a little kid every time.

Even as I stood in the desert full of fear and wonder my writing brain refused to shut off. I thought the whole time I wonder how I can use this in my story? Every experience can be turned into a great story, which is why it's so important to take time to experience the little things in life. Whether it's sitting in the desert waiting for someone to come hack you up into little pieces or just taking a random road trip to see something different.

The night ended when it became too cold, but that only encouraged us to come back the next night. Where we experienced a whole new fear: wild animals.

As far as my writing progress, I'm on page 40 and going strong.

Until next time, I hope you find joy in your writing!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back in business.

Hello everyone, it's been a long hiatus and I'm coming out to say I'm finally writing again. I fell away from myself for a little bit. Writing is what makes me happy and it's time I get back to that. I've started a new novel. It's an idea I've had running through my head for awhile now. I'm finally putting it down on paper. I'm on page 27. I started writing again two days ago, so that's a huge feat for me. Especially, after not writing anything for months.

A shoutout goes to Stephen King for writing a great memoir on the craft of writing. It's given me the inspiration to get back to doing what I love.

I probably won't be blogging as often as last time. I want to focus on my novel completely, but I will still stop by every so often to say I'm still around : )

Until next time I hope you find joy in your writing!