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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Showing the "Goods"

I have had news stories published and I have had no problem reading those to people, but for some reason my creative writing has been a different matter. For the longest time I couldn’t work up the courage to show someone else my work. I kept thinking that if I show someone my work and they start suggesting things then it will no longer be completely mine. Now I know that’s not necessarily true.

I must have written at least three drafts before showing my book to anyone. I was really nervous and it was scary when I finally decided to share it. I thought I was going to have a heart attack waiting for him to finish it, so he could give me feedback. My dad was the first person I ever let read my work. I know what you are thinking that my dad couldn’t possibly give me an honest answer, right? Well you wouldn’t be saying that if you knew my dad. I am writing something that isn’t his cup of tea, but he is actually reading it. He now sends me texts asking for the next chapter.

My sister is the second person I sent my book to. She is my best friend and she knows everything about me, so I was more afraid to send it to her than my dad. She brought to light some of the boring things that I didn’t think about for instance, she told me my character needs to eat. She also told me I need to work on my description because she wants to visualize my characters. I’ve spent so much time making the dialogue work that my description has fallen to the background.

So the point of today’s lesson is that sharing your work is scary, but it is also necessary. You want to get someone else’s point of view before sending it to an agent. That way you know if your book is worth sending. Of course whoever you send it to you want to make sure they are honest about your work otherwise they are not helping you. Who do you share your work with?

Some people you can send it to:
Writing group