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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Editing, my old friend

I edited over 20 pages today, which is the most I've edited in a while. I forced myself to sit down in front of my computer all day today. I feel like progress is finally being made. I still have over a hundred pages left to re-edit, but a little bit everyday will eventually get me there.

Once I finish this edit, I will have to reread it since I've made so many changes I am going to have to make sure everything is grammatically correct and makes sense. I'm trying to make this series into a stand alone book, just in case no one is interested in the series, but there's so much in these books that I'm having a difficult time doing that.

Then when everything is fixed I will work on my query letter again. It's nice knowing I can send my letter to Chuck Sambuchino for an edit before sending it to an agent.

What are your writing plans?