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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Short story Sunday

Here’s a couple hundred more words. I planned on writing a little more for this week since I skipped last week, but I got caught up in editing my novel. I also decided instead of posting the same part every week and then adding the newer part at the end, I am just going to post the newer part. When the story is completed, I will post the entire thing together in one post.

Well, here you go:

Work was going to suck tonight. I’d call off, but one of us had to be responsible in this household and I knew Momma couldn’t be counted on for that. On top of everything else, I refuse to be homeless. Pulling myself out of bed took all my energy, but I did it.
The guy at table 254 looks like him. I did a double take to make sure it was all in my head. Walking by again I noticed his nose was too long and his face too short. This guy also looked a little older. The guy looked up and smiled at me, probably saw me staring and thought I liked him or something. Too bad I’m dead inside, poor guy didn’t stand a chance. After picking up some empty plates off another table, I hurried back into the kitchen to hide.
Sarah, Abby, Laurie, and Riley all huddled together, talking quietly in the vestibule. “Hey girls what are we talking about?”
“Ohh nothing, just a party we’re all going to after work,” Laurie said in a tone, which implied I wouldn’t be interested.
“Really? Cool, can I come?” Four sets of wide eyes stared back at me, as if I spoke a different language.
“I don’t really think it’s your type of party,” Abby said.
“Why’s that?”
“There’s going to be drinking and other things you’re probably too innocent to comprehend.” The other girls nodded their heads in agreement, except Riley. She looked like she wanted to smack Abby as much as I did.  
I smiled sweetly at her and said, “what’s the matter Abby? Afraid I can drink you under the table?” Riley laughed as Abby glared at me.
“Let’s find out,” Abby smirked. “We’ll see you tonight, if it’s not past your bedtime.”
“Great, I’ll see you there,” I said cheerfully. Challenging Abby was stupid. She’s like the head cheerleader at work and if she doesn’t like you then your life can be a living Hell. All of the younger girls flock to her side whenever she’s working. Good thing I’m numb on the inside and don’t care what Abby thinks, I just need to get out of my head and going to a party seems like the perfect distraction. At least I wouldn’t be stealing from Momma tonight.