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Friday, December 9, 2011


I am sure everyone understands how easy it is to become distracted. I am a very well known procrastinator. I would wait until the last minute to actually write my assignments all throughout school. I needed that stress around me to motivate me. I tried working on papers as soon as I got them and I ended up getting distracted.

I know there is a difference between being distracted and procrastinating. Procrastinating is the choice you make to put something off. Distractions happen when you choose to do something and end up doing something else instead. For example I know I should write another chapter, but my roommate really wants me to go get some pizza with him. I have to eat, right? So it’s a legitimate reason to take a break.

I find it very hard to juggle my social life and my writing. I want to write all the time and when I am not writing I feel guilty about it. I also want to spend time with my friends, but in my free time I want to write. It is a vicious cycle. Perhaps someday I will be able to balance my life perfectly, but until then I will continue to get distracted by the little things in life.