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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Exciting news!

Chuck Sambuchino, one of Writer’s Digest’s editors held a contest in celebration of his new book coming out, Red Dog/ Blue Dog. All you had to do is comment on his post. He would pick three commenters at random to win one of his books and a free query critique. Also, if you tweeted about his contest, you can send him the first 10 pages of your manuscript and he will edit it. I jumped at the chance for a query critique because as you know I have been struggling with mine.

Yesterday I opened my email and saw a message from Chuck letting me know that I’m one of the lucky winners! I couldn’t believe it! The best part is there is no time limit on the query critique. I can send it to him a month or a year from now.

I also decided I want to attempt writing short stories. It will be a challenge. This may sound strange, but I’ve never actually written one before. I played with my own writing prompt the other day and realized I didn’t have to write a novel every time to express myself. I can then post my stories on my blog or somewhere online for free to see how the public views my writing. I will still write in the Young adult genre, maybe dabble in MG because that’s the type of professional writer I want to be. Literary magazines publish short stories all the time. It would be a great way to get my name out there.

Have you written any short stories? If so, do you find them more or less challenging than writing a novel?