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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Websites with the best query letter advice

I am doing what I said I would not do anymore: stressing over query letters. For the past two days I find myself reading article after article on query letters, which only makes my head spin. I understand the format of a query letter, it’s my summary I’m having problems with. All the advice says keep it short, but all the examples I’ve seen pretty much contradict that advice. They all say the point of the query letter is to entice the reader. I have linked to some of the websites I felt offered the best advice below:

Agentquery has some good advice. It says there are three parts to any query letter:
  1. The hook
  2. The mini-synopsis
  3. Your credentials as a writer
Nathan Bransford’s Query mad lib is also helpful for writing a basic query letter. This is from back in 2008, but I still feel the information is relevant.

There are also websites where you can read other people’s query letters and how they were critiqued.
Query shark by Janet Reid
Slush pile tales by Lauren Ruth
Pubrants by Kristen Nelson

These are some of the most popular websites, so I’m sure most of you have already heard of these. If not you need to check them out immediately. They give you an inside look on how real literary agents view query letters. I have been trying to dissect these suckers and crossing my fingers that this query letter will be better.

There are tons of other sites that offer helpful information. Which ones do you live by?