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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Writing prompt: Write with your emotions

Writing is joy and sorrow, happiness and misery, excitement and depression all rolled into one nice little package. These are the feelings that constantly run through me when I write. As you can see it’s an up-hill, down-hill loopy roller coaster.

My emotions are never in one place when I write. But I love that aspect about writing too. I am free to express my feelings and thoughts in whatever way I want. Sometimes my character gets attacked when I’m feeling scared about something. Other times she will fall in love when I’m happy about something. It’s kind of like interpreting your dreams. You have a dream about flying or falling, but it’s really your subconscious trying to tell you something. This is only valid if you believe your dreams have meanings.

For a writing prompt you should think about what you are feeling right now. Then write a situation that could make your character feel the way you are feeling. Or you can make a list for reasons your character would feel this way. When you’re writing later you can look at that list and decide which one fits with your story.