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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Connecting with nature

I finally went hiking in the mountains today. I have lived here for seven months now, so it’s about time I actually see this beautiful countryside. During my 5.7 mile hike I not only enjoyed the scenery, which was breathtaking, I took the time to work on my descriptions.

I observed anything that could be used in my writing, from the sound of my feet crunching on the rocks to the feel of the wind blowing on my face. I took pictures, so I can look back and remember the things I felt and thought during my hike. It was great because I payed attention to little things that I normally would not have thought of. Now all I can think about is how sore my feet are, but even that can be used for my writing.

Every experience is a potential element that can be used in my writing. Just being outside and immersing myself in nature gave me a better perspective on my characters. I think besides music, nature is my biggest inspiration in my writing. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you take a walk and pay attention to everything around you. Then come back and write it all down; everything you felt, saw, smelled, etc. Trust me: you will be a better writer for taking the time to try this exercise. If nothing else it will open your eyes to the world around you and make you a more observant person.