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Monday, March 19, 2012

What's all this white space?

I missed a blog day yesterday, so I am going to make up for it now. Have you ever stared at a blank page, completely oblivious as to what you should write about? I am doing that now with this post. I keep writing whatever comes into my head hoping to break this current spat of writer’s block, but I don’t think it’s working.

So once I write what’s on my mind I just continue to stare because nothing is coming. Even as the words are formed on my computer screen I couldn’t tell you what the next sentence is going to hold. It’s kind of like my writing. When I have writer’s block I will just start writing whatever comes to me. Then I will usually go back and end up erasing everything I’ve written, but it makes my brain relax when there are finally words on this big blank screen. Too much white space seems to stress me out. I don’t know why. Maybe because the white space represents all the possibilities that could happen within this story, chapter, page, etc. Every white page becomes a challenge that must be overcome. I accept the challenge. I will win. This is why I can’t outline, some of my best ideas come to me while I am typing out my thoughts.

Sorry for the randomness of this post, but look at that: white space has been filled and this post is completed. Now back to writing my novel.