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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Put down the manuscript and step away, slowly

I think I like my query letter. It’s short, it’s professional, and it’s to the point. I still need to work on my two-page synopsis, but it’s coming along. All the main points are in it, now I just need to Jazz it up to make it sound appealing.

I am no longer going to stress over my query letter or my synopsis. When I think it sounds great. I will set it aside and reread it. Then I will check for spelling/grammar errors. Afterwards, I’m sending it off. I will never know if it’s truly good enough, if I don’t try. Besides, if I don’t I will keep rewriting my manuscript. I need to put it away and say it’s done. So it’s done! I rewrote the beginning and the ending—no more, I’m done! Once I send out my queries and am forced into the waiting game, I will begin writing the second part.