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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stressing over a query letter? Don't

So from the past couple days of researching query letters and writing synopsis, I have come to the conclusion your writing is the only thing that matters. Yes you need to be professional and yes you need to address it to the correct people. But as far as finding a way to write the perfect query letter, that is up to you.

Follow the agent’s guidelines, so your query will be read. Then think about your book for a couple minutes. If you need to write an outline to help you, you may. Just remember the query letter is only supposed to be a page long. Agents are busy and they do not want to read a bunch of words.
Then write. Without thinking write the plot of your book. See what words come out. Try to keep it 1-2 paragraphs. If you have problems, you may want to go over your manuscript again because you could have a problem with the plot.

Finally, relax. I have been stressing over writing this query letter and the only thing I can do is make it the best that I can. Afterwards, it will be up to the agents if they’re interested in my book. What are your tips for writing a query letter?