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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nothing's final until it's published

I wrote a spunkier query letter than I have before. I am still a little on the fence about sending it out, but then I figure what do I have to lose by sending it? Worst case scenario I get a rejection letter and the best, someone wants to read my manuscript. I need to find a good agency to send it to.

Meanwhile I ended up changing my beginning again. I say this every time I change it, but I feel like this one is better. It’s simple, which I kind of like. It’s not cliche and it just feels better. I’m sure a month from now when I change it again I will say the exact same thing. But that’s part of writing, nothing is final until it’s published.

It’s really bad because I have another story brewing in my head and I desperately want to start on it, but I’m not going to abandon my other characters just yet. However, I am going to write these ideas down that come to me, so when I am ready to move on I will have all of my ideas in one place.